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To Make a Long Story Short.
David James Parr





(five star review)



photo by Steven Menendez

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Heading 3

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The Front Row Center

95% Rating

**** 1/2

"The dialogue is quick, snappy, clever, and hilariously cutting at times as is the city's persona."


Eleanor Rigby is Waiting, presented by Boundless Theater, and written by David James Parr, at The Duplex, is divided into two complementary chapters – “Electricity” & “Closure,” each one happening on different nights.

“Closure” addresses the many places we meet in the city. It’s where we fall in love, or out, or just to the side of it, where we connect as city dwellers in public restrooms, coffee shops, subway platforms, sidewalks, and Columbus Circle, all of these are the settings of the eleven thoughtful, poignant, and quick vignettes. Reality in the face of loneliness is what the play is about. The reality of connecting, We meet in so many different ways, strangers meeting on a subway platform, or for the first time on phones as we are heading to a rendezvous, talking, trying to sound clever before we have even shaken hands or laid eyes on one another. It’s something we were deprived of for almost two years. Something we all still slightly fear because it could get us sick.

“Ah, look at all the lonely people,” is the chorus of The Beatles’ song “Eleanor Rigby” and that is what the play recognizes, all of us trying to connect, crawling out of our loneliness. Connecting with others entails waiting. There is power to be had in waiting. You can purposely make someone wait and that gives you the power. Making them wait, you become the star, and they, the audience.

There is the rumble of a quenching storm coming, or is it the interweaving of all the souls in the city trying their best to reach out?

The dialogue is quick, snappy, clever, and hilariously cutting at times as is the city’s persona. The actors throw themselves into each vignette and the characters that Parr has created to tell his story. They are interesting New York characters with gusto. These are all the people who you see, meet, and avoid on the streets of Manhattan. It is the kind of play that we need right now. We need to remember what it is like to start up a conversation on the bus, on the subway platform, to try to fall in love in a city that never sleeps.


The audience was having so much fun the night I attended, just being an audience together, listening to great dialogue, stories, and songs. We were hooping and hollering! Because of the experience, I made several connections with audience members that continued outside of the theater. Connecting. It felt good. The evening opens with the sultry, sexy singer-songwriter Hadiza Dockeray and her band. Dockeray sings her cool jazz songs of love, of connecting face-to-face, person-to-person, closing with her rendition of “Eleanor Rigby.” It was so damn good, DAMN GOOD, that my date and I leaned in and exclaimed, “I want to hear her sing all of the Beatles songs. ALL OF THEM!”

It was a delectable, perfectly entertaining evening at The Duplex. The Duplex, a Village Landmark, was pitch-perfect. We were all close to one another but everyone was so considerate, and shout out to our waitress Lisa who truly was doing a circus balancing act as she delivered all drinks through small narrow spaces to each audience member without a drop spilled.

Boundless Theater presents Eleanor Rigby is Waiting, written by David James Parr, co-directed by David James Parr, and Eric Amburg With Music by Hadiza Dockeray and her band. The cast for Eleanor Rigby is Waiting, features Elizabeth A. Bell, Robert Driemeyer, Helen Farmer, Wyatt Fenner, Jamie Johnson, Joe MacDougall, Julie McKay, Shelly Ramoni, and Ashley Kristeen Vega.

Small Strokes

Proud to announce a new theater project:
Boundless Theater 
First Installation in NYC happening April-May, 2022.
Click on box for more info or go to


Performances on
April 16
April 23
May 3
May 10
Doors open
Curtain 6:30pm
Approx 80 min run time


On the verge of 17, introverted Veronica "Ronnie" Miller flees with her mom to the rural town of Brilliant, Illinois to escape their troubled past. Intensely shy, Ronnie has difficulty adapting to her new life until she meets another outsider, the recently expelled Annie Sommers, igniting an intense friendship sparked by secrets and torched by betrayal. When Ronnie's dangerous past catches up to her, she turns to Annie. Annie, however, has a plan of her own.

The Thing with Annie will be released in episodic chapters -- a new episode every Friday on Kindle Vella. 


men in shorts: a novel
available on

"A work with well-crafted prose. Parr is a gifted writer who evocatively captures his protagonist’s emotional baggage and how it weighs down his relationship."
Kirkus Reviews

While signing copies of his revealing first novel, a middle-aged author is confronted by the very inspiration for his book: Clay Fitzgerald Miller, of the improbable name and the impossible eyes, still unearthly green after so many years. Back in 1993 Chicago, where the chiseled trunks of Calvin Klein hunks towered over Halsted, love was in the air and Clay was in the intersection between the club Vortex and 7-11, where sparks were about to fly, virginities were about to be lost, and a whole new world was about to be discovered.

From Warner Legacy Press and acclaimed author David James Parr (VIOLET PEAKS, BEAUTY MARKS) comes a tongue-in-cheek, heart-on-sleeve, Roman-a-Clay about first loves, last kisses, and all of the passionate puddles of lust found in between, exploring the dizzying heights and dazzling depths of a twentysomething romance in the Windy City.

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part of Pride Plays 2020

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poetry & exercise tips

available on Kindle & Amazon

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 11.02.32

Albee Damned is a collection of rotating shorts inspired by classic works of theater about family dysfunction, sexual politics, predatory behaviors, societal apathy, and marital discord, each given a modern twist. A married couple have a rude awakening in Barefoot in the Dark; in Long Gay’s Journey Into Night, three siblings en route from the airport stop at a family restaurant where margaritas are consumed and secrets revealed in quick succession; set in the early 80’s, Porn Yesterday features a couple trying to spice up their sex life by making their own porn video, exposing deep insecurities and betrayals instead of their bodies; in the two-parter Millenials in America Part 1: Angels Approach and Millenials in America Part 2: Sephora, apathy triggers a cultural shift and subsequent Armageddon; in the musical short Wait Until Shark, a Great White Shark laments the hunger that drives him; an Election Day scandal ignites sparks between two competing journalists in His Girl Tuesday; in Albee Damned, Game Night goes horribly awry when two couples – one long-term and the other newlyweds – engage in a cutthroat game of Charades fueled by resentments and a bottle of Ouzo.

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Beauty Marks

Released on November 15, 2018

Breaking up is hard to do.

Breaking down is much easier.

After being shoved out of the cockpit of a three-year relationship, the shell-shocked narrator of Beauty Marks pulls the ripcord and parachutes to firmer ground with the help of an assortment of quirky friends, loyal family and unexpected encounters.

Rich with sharp observation and humorous detail, this sparkling new novel by David James Parr explores how to make the best out of life’s bitter heartbreaks, sweet ironies and savory triumphs on the battlefield of love.

Image by Raffael Pacitti Graphic Design

Violet Peaks

Armed with the recent discovery of her husband's infidelity, 33-year-old Violet Peaks slips out of their third anniversary dinner and wanders into the summer night retracing the rocky trajectory of her life. Beginning with a bolt of lightning and ending with the glow of a firefly, VIOLET PEAKS follows her journey from age 5 to age 33, revealing the pivotal moments, chance encounters, and unexpected turns which come to shape one's life, and which may end up destroying her own.



How To Survive Overwhelming Loss & Loneliness in 5 Easy Steps: STORIES

The risk-taking men & women in this acclaimed new collection of 11 short stories are bound together and torn apart by their desire to make sense of life’s breakups and breakdowns. An eccentric losing her grip on reality tightens her grip on weaponry while "Speed Dating"; a vigilant son searches for clues to his mother’s past in "To Make a Short Story Long"; a Thanksgiving get-together in Manhattan goes cold turkey for a group of recovering addicts on "The Island of Misfit Toys"; a murderess awaiting her sentence conceals a pregnancy in "Surrender, Dorothy"; and in the title story, a desperate man tries miscellaneous pills, miscalculated sex and a misguided self-help manual to get over an ex-love.

Navigating surprising twists and surreal turns, these characters are diving for change in the deepest of wells.

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Based on the play

Eleanor Rigby Is Waiting

by David James Parr


“David James Parr's writing exudes a subtle magnetism that is at once melancholy and uplifting; poetic and direct; whimsical and deeply, deeply affecting.”

Joe Okonkwo, author of Jazz Moon

Several Open Books


New York, NY, USA

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