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MEN IN SHORTS: a novel

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While signing copies of his revealing first novel, a middle-aged author is confronted by the very inspiration for his book: Clay Fitzgerald Miller, of the improbable name and the impossible eyes, still unearthly green after so many years. Back in 1993 Chicago, where the chiseled trunks of Calvin Klein hunks towered over Halsted, love was in the air and Clay was in the intersection between the club Vortex and 7-11, where sparks were about to fly, virginities were about to be lost, and a whole new world was about to be discovered.

From Warner Legacy Press and acclaimed author David James Parr (VIOLET PEAKS, BEAUTY MARKS) comes a tongue-in-cheek, heart-on-sleeve, Roman-a-Clay about first loves, last kisses, and all of the passionate puddles of lust found in between, exploring the dizzying heights and dazzling depths of a twentysomething romance in the Windy City.

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