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Track to the Future

Dear Teenage You,


Just a note to say hi, and to tell you not to worry. You will eventually find a place where you can wear your shirts inside out and nobody blinks twice. Where nobody blinks once. Where you don’t have to hide your sexuality under several layers of clothing, to mask your identity under several layers of confusion, to quiet your voice under several layers of ennui. Where people don’t call your voice queer derisively because of its lack of “masculine” timbre, but where people call your voice queer triumphantly because of its bravery, its clarity, its literally literary attempt to voice a generation so often muted and marginalized, to unite a community so often attacked and atrophied. Keep those journals with the lopsided hearts for boys you weren’t able to look in the eye, and the redundant exclamation points for those who wrote obscene things on your locker door and your car windshield; you will discover how much times have changed, and how much time has changed you. This, my friend, will fill you with true pride.


Love and rainbows,


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