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Downward Facing Dog (from Beauty Marks)

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

"While Ginny roots around in her refrigerator, I try and figure out which sort of Betty will turn up at the door: a flirty Betty Boop, a brazen Bette Davis, or an earnest Betty as in 'and Veronica'. The Betty who shows an hour later looks, as Ginny predicted, extremely miffed; her penciled eyebrows are narrowed and her lips are pursed. The only relaxed quality about her seems to be her bouncy brown hair. She arrives with two bottles of champagne in tow—one of which she has uncorked on her train ride—as well as a blue silky dress wrapped in a garment bag and slung over her shoulder like a corpse. At last, it seems like the wedding party has officially begun."

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