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I Want My MTV Blog #1: Getting Right with Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Lopez...

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

My gym has not changed its rotation of music videos since 2008, so at the New York Sports Club in West Harlem Lady Gaga continues to hold her Poker Face, Justin Timberlake cries you a river, and Jennifer Lopez is forever Jenny from the Block...that is until she vowed to "Get Right" in this 2005 video. I thought I would make maximum use of my "running time" by posting pithy reviews of some of my faves of these endlessly spinning videos, which are great if you want to distract yourself from the fact that you're running in place alongside a dozen sweaty strangers. [Plus I'm a huge fan of music videos in general, and want to resuscitate the art form in any way I can.]

This is the song with the horn hook like a car alarm that everybody hated and then everybody loved, and then you couldn't avoid it -- from grocery stores to gay bars to Target. Tired of playing the same J.Lo-Next-Door roles Hollywood had boxed her into, gorgeous fly girl turned singer turned actress turned ex-Mrs. Affleck decided to show her true thespian range and cast herself in no less than 8 different roles here. From afro-wigged working mom DJ to blond-wigged server to spectacle-wearing nerd to eyelid-caked go-go dancer to fed-up party girl to weave-no-child-behind diva to J.Lo herself, sporting a midriff-baring ski parka that Zara only got around to ripping off last year. Each of these very deep characters even gets an arc [SPOILERS]: put-upon server Jen relents and "gets right" on the dance floor, after getting a shot for weary go-go dancer Jen; meanwhile, nerd Jen gets drunk while diva Jen watches supportively; and DJ Jen kills it on the dance floor while Marc Anthony's daughter chills out in the corner. Take that Tatiana Maslany!

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05 ene 2019

I'm pretty sure I've never heard this song before in my life, and may never again.

Me gusta
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